Mach 4 Email Hosting FAQ

What can be done by each user:
What can be done via Mach 4 (included*):
What can be done via Bravotech (billable IT services):

*some included services might trigger "surrounding topics" which are billable, unless user is able to furnish such skills, and/or requisite apparatuses/infrastructure

**Modern hosting standard practice: mailboxes are NOT self-provisioned. Instead, they're ordered as needed... individually/by-blocks, plain Internet-style/Exchange Server, bundled with DLP, bundled with external filter+AV+encryption (beyond TLS). e.g. "I'd like 7x standard @ 50c/month + 3x EXG @ $6.5/month"

***some documents have multiple editions, catered to novice/intermediate/expert levels. Upon initiate request/assessment, the appropriate one will be sent, along with applicable annotation.

Supplements to note #1 above: I'm not trying to massively post generic help docs. Rather, the whole point of M4's operation, is to provide clients painless experience, i.e. Given my goals of... how do I...? Should I...? Where do I...? Why is it that...? You've got situations... I've got actual solutions.

The idea is to eliminate the need to discuss. State your wish, and it's handled. Design from ground up to be conducive to active management. Zero reactive scrambling. Zero avoidable investigation and endless requests to external entities, because the entire process is under my control, and already scientifically streamlined.