Mach 4 Network - History

Mach-4 Network Status History

Current Status Report:

All our servers at all locations are currently up and running. All services are reporting normal latency. Our backbone network connections are well below capacity limits. Our server interface is currently well under capacity limit at average utilization of approximately 3%.

History of Network Events        Live Traffic Monitoring    Internet Status

48-hour count-down to switch-over. All systems go! Launch date Aug 1. 2002 is commited.

Squirrelmail 1.2.7 upgrade issues resolved. site webmail services resumed.

Squirrelmail 1.2.7 upgrade complete. Currently site webmail access is down. This affects only the webmail interface. The IMAP server is functioning perfectly, with SMTP and POP servcies up and running. Further, all the rest of our own domains as well as the 3 beta client sites are not affected, as we did not attempt  rolling out 1.2.7 to those site. They are still at 1.0.6.

07/12/02 10:15am
Network back to normal. All backbone links resume normal routing and traffic.

07/11/02 3:30pm
Carrier crew on site repairing fiber. Traffic currently rerouted. ETA/ETR unknown.

07/11/02 1:00pm
Time Warner fiber cut in Texas. Severely affecting access from that local area. Latency of 800ms is reported. No packet loss. There seems to be no effect on Rochester, NY area access.

Our own DNS servers and are now active. All zones currently hosted have been added.

New server installed. HTTP, FTP, SMTP and POP up and running.


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