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AM I HELPFUL?   Sam thinks my cuteness is better than standard error messages... URL typos are the No. 1 cause for the dreaded
HTTP 404: NOT FOUND error message.

Here are a few common mistakes:

  1. extra spaces (computers are not forgiving)
  2. Remember: Most URLs are case-sensitive!
  3. extra www when none is allowed
  4. missing www when it's required
  5. http:// instead of https:// (the all important "s")
  6. trailing / or the lack of it
  7. accidentally truncated long URLs
  8. / (forward slash) vs. \ (backslash)
  9. - (dash) vs. _ (underscore)

HINT: If you received a super long URL in a plaintext email and it's accidentally truncated, you can easily copy and paste all parts into notepad, edit out any extra carriage return. Then copy & paste the newly doctored-up URL in your browser.

When reporting broken links to webmasters, also indicate which page, or which email message contains it. If the site is run (not just hosted) by us, notify us here.