Bravo Hosting Transfer Service   published OCT 6, 2012   updated MAR 6, 2013

Applicable when you change among dedicated server/virtual server/shared hosting, which involves physically rerouting of traffic to different hosts; as well as when you switch domain names. This does not apply to upgrading/downgrading within the same class of hosting, by adjusting space/#acct/bandwidth quotas. In that case, no transfer service is required, and no fees incurred. It's merely an administrative change.

This is purely routine IT service. The following factors are irrelevant, and will not affect transfer service fees:

3 Levels of Service

DIY transfer is free: new hosting plan is setup, with basic access info, and no guidance/work is provided. You perform the process of user account provision & all pertinent coordination and adjustments. You must supply your own strategies and techniques. This option is subject to our qualification process (interviewing your designated person). Not applicable to transferring to shared hosting.

Near-Seamless transfer is guided by us, and you'd end up with at most a couple of messages missing during the weekend of transfer. This is the most sensible option for vast majority of companies.

Additional fees apply, if particular users wish to effectively achieve seamless results after-the-fact. Such retrospectively commissioned services are available on a resource-available basis, not booked-and-guaranteed. The costs could end up exceeding opting for the seamless option in the first place. Naturally, they are also subject to the physical feasibility of the exact circumstance, event sequence, and point-of-progression. Majority of the non-seamless effects are retrospectively correctable.

Seamless transfer is most complex, with 2 distinct pop server names active simultaneous, a 1-week parallel phase, with 2-stage setting changes. No email message loss will be incurred by this process. Depending on your external (not us) hosting circumstance, this process might involve putting up with email client error messages during the transition period.

Server Side Service DIY Near-Seamless Seamless
1-5 mailboxes $0 $30 $75
6-10 mailboxes $0 $40 $100
11-20 mailboxes $0 $50 $125
21-50 mailboxes $0 $60 $150
51-75 mailboxes $0 $70 $200
76-100 mailboxes $0 $80 $250
Client-Side Service      
per client per device $12 $5 $7


What you gain when you change from Virtual Server Hosting to Shared Hosting:

What you lose:

What's Included with the base fee?

What's Excluded?