New Site Upload HELP (Please print this for your reference)     see also: FAQ 

NOTE: In examples below, XXXXXX.COM represents YOUR actual domain name


How do I manage my server and create user accounts?

Use the Site Administrator's Control Panel:
URLhttp://XXXXXX.COM/admin (where XXXXXX.COM is YOUR actual domain name, for example:


Password:  As assigned by Mach 4. See notification email sent to designated administrator.

Can users manage their own account?

Yes. User may change their own password or add/remove aliases via User Control Panel.
URLhttp://XXXXXX.COM/user (For example:


Password:  As assigned by your designated administrator.

How do I monitor my disk space and bandwidth usage so that I don't get billed for overage?

Use site administrator's control panel. This is a major upgrade from our old system, and has been the most requested feature among webmasters like yourself. See Terms Of Service (TOS) document for details on overage policies.

Where do I upload the site to?
Once you login via FTP, you upload your site to the "mainwebsite_html" folder. You should also delete the original placeholder page: index.shtml.


Do you support FrontPage Extension?

Yes. FrontPage Extension 2002 is standard for all plans. It is not enable by default. Email Contact Us to request it. Use of FP extension of course could interfere with other operations, due to .htaccess and other hidden files created. It is not advisable to mix FP extension with standard FTP transfer.


Do you offer web design and webmaster administration assistance/training?

Certainly. See Bravo Technology Center for details on rates and terms & conditions.


How can I setup a password-protected area in my web site?

This requires some Webmaster and O.S. know-how's. There are several options, including using UNIX commands setup on the server, and using Java Script programming. Contact us to arrange for consulting services, or research such topics in the Webmaster Resources area. 


If you have additional questions, please CONTACT US