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These are subsidized rates for Clients, Partners and Affiliates, as well as Charitable Not-for-Profit organizations. Servi ng: Bravo Technology Center, Instant Webbie Designs, ServicePRO, LLC.  We do not provide web hosting for the general public.
Resellers/Partners area: http://bravotech.us/bpp  Application: http://bravotech.us/partnering.htm

NOTICE: Please read the memo on what's covered and what's not: http://bravotech.us/memos/hosting.htm

Web Hosting Plans and Rates

Shared Hosting Plans (Monthly Fee) Effective 11/30/2016
Package Cost (US) Cost (UK) Web Space Traffic POP Accounts
 Basic $9.25 7.50 2G Unlimited 7
 Standard $11.50 9.25 4G Unlimited 15
 Plus $17 13.75 10G Unlimited 30
Super $21 17.00 20G Unlimited 60
Ultra $30 24.25 40G Unlimited 120
Virtual Server Plans (Monthly Fee) Effective 11/1/10 ~ 3/15/2013 (phased out)
Package Cost (US) Cost (UK) Space Traffic POP Accounts
 Starter $5 3 75M 2G 5
 Basic $7.50 5 250M 7G 10
 Standard $10 7 400M 12G 18
 Plus $15 9 700M 20G 25
 Deluxe $20 12 1G 30G 40
 Premium $25 16 2G 50G 50
Virtual Server Plans (Monthly Fee) Effective 7/1/05
Package Cost (US) Cost (UK) Space Traffic POP Accounts
 Starter $7 4 50M 2G 5
 Basic $10 6 200M 7G 10
 Standard $15 8 350M 12G 18
 Plus $20 11 500M 20G 25
 Deluxe $28 15 1G 30G 40
 Premium $35 19 2G 50G 50
1-time Setup Fee: $25/13. 
Setup fee is waived for existing Bravo tier-1 and tier-2 clients.
Double POP Accounts option: $5/3 per month (for all plans)
Each sub-domain (within allotted space of existing plan) $10/year
Client firms are grouped into tiers according to total consulting billing (excluding all purchases of hardware, software, and outside services) in the previous year.
1 $10,000
2 $5,000
3 $2,000
Advance Payment Discount:
 5% for 6-month
 10% for 1-year
 15% for 2-year
 20% for 3-year
All hosting fees are billable in advance. Plans < $25/month are billed quarterly.
see detailed Fees Schedule
Additional options available: MySQL, Telnet, OpenSSH, Dropbox, Auto-Responder, Majordomo, Master account (able to provision new sites). Contact us for details.
Personal & SOHO Plans (Annual Fee payable in advance)
Package Cost (US) Cost (UK) Space Traffic POP Accounts
Business Card $15 8 10M 100MB 1
Personal $30 16 25M 400MB 1
SOHO $45 24 50M 600MB 3

1-time Setup Fee: $15/8

Dropbox Plans (Monthly Fee payable in advance) Effective 1/1/2013




















1-time Setup Fee: $90/60

Miscellaneous Fees

Full Site Alias hosting: $6 per name per year.

Subfolder Alias hosting: $10 per name per year.

Each re-pointing requires new transaction. Cancellation is free.

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