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You oft ask:
Scenarios (hint: it's well-beyond "just" web & email hosting)
  1. traditional web + email hosting... how many mailboxes?
    1. traditional (no CMS/SQL): http, css, javascript, CGI + managed PHP 7.1~7.3
    2. unmanaged WordPress hosting: fully administered by you
    3. managed WordPress hosting: incl. updates, security patches, plug-ins, themes
    4. Joomla! optional: with CiviCRM
    5. Drupal
    6. Magento (eCommerce)
    7. Databases: MySQL, MariaDB, Redis, CouchDB
  2. email hosting only, web hosted elsewhere (or none)
    1. standard mailbox: 2 GB, web portal, SPAM/AV dashboard, calendar
    2. extra mailbox: 12 GB
    3. MailBiz mailbox: 50 GB
    4. Exchange mailbox: 25 GB, DLP, etc.
    5. Exchange Premium: 50 GB, incl. Office 365, DLP, etc.
  3. web hosting only, email hosted elsewhere (or none)
    1. see #1.x above for options & levels
    2. evaluate providers (various approaches & methods)
    3. hybrid linkage & coordination: e.g. M4-hosted dynamic site, with some static content from owner-designed legacy site, embedding external YouTube steaming, with 3rd-party hosted shopping cart site (and inventory), with (yet another) external payment gateway (thru your parent company's account).
  4. Migration Services / Strategic Guidance
    1. external → M4
    2. M4 → external
    3. ext1 → ext2
    4. mirroring/redundancy: http/MX
    5. Advanced DNS
  5. TLS topics (https & browser landscape)
    1. all things "certificate" & PKI
    2. perception vs reality
    3. practical purposes, intentions, objectives, priorities
    4. unintended consequences, overlooked scenarios
  6. Secure Email 
    1. beyond transport TLS @all nodes (Bravo mandate since 2017)
    2. PKI, PGP, GPG, S/MIME... and the likes of ProtonMail
  7. SPAM & Spoofing... 
    1. Demystifying SPF, DKIM, DMARC, shattering your "high hope" (of its magical power)
    2. Demystifying phishing
  8. non-ISP DNS
    1. misinfo re: OpenDNS, and the likes
    2. coordination with on-site domain-based DNS Server
  9. media streaming
  10. CDN, DDOS defense
  11. "cloud" -misnomers
  12. legal* (HOW TO evaluate & obtain legal services, how to work with your legal advisor(s)/dept. with tangible stipulation & deliverables... AND HOW NOT TO SELF-INFLICT HARM)
    1. domain legal disputes: 
      1. concepts, process, frameworks, recourses, strategies & tactics...
      2. entities, case laws, current climate, trajectory
      3. common transfer process & barriers/pitfalls
    2. compliance: PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, GDPR
    3. tech briefing for management on principles: 
      1. control, custodianship, pathway & jurisdiction, liabilities, enforceability
      2. scope, depth, granularity, cascaded/flattened
    4. the perils of: 
      1. freebie EULA
      2. press-a-button MSSPs that are RMM outsourcers
      3. unbridled outbound agents, invalid/pretend uPnP, or otherwise neutralized LAN/WAN barrier, or
      4. other ploys which tantamount to manifest self-contradiction
*Virtually in all cases, SMBs get taken for a ride, with ineffectual path that are doomed from the start. Arm yourself with glossary + roadmap + game plan before embarking on a pointless wild goose chase. OR smack your head against a brick wall, when 2 steps to the side, 1 step forward will do.