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I exceeded mail storage quota, inbound messages are rejected!
  1. vigilantly, frequently, manually delete to recover space
  2. obtain more email storage space
  3. learn effective strategies & techniques
#1 is impractical and quite dangerous! For those with heavy IMAP usage (phone/tablet), typically #2 more storage is required. In any case, periodic refresher on strategies & techniques would be advisable #3. In short, you should get 2 + 3, with annual #1

But, I've already deleted all junk, even deleted less important messages...
You most likely are not doing it 100% right.

How come I never had that problem before?
Your usage steadily grows, and now is the time you reach the breaking point. Attachments size grew by leaps and bounds over the past 25 years. Many have also switched from POP to IMAP, or at least supplement POP with IMAP. Either way, it drastically increases server space consumption.

What in my usage pattern could be causing it?
Beyond the obvious (mail volume, types of content, size of messages + attachments, etc.), it'd be mainly SENDING via MOBILE devices using IMAP protocol.

I thought I was already managing it carefully?
Mobile apps fundamentally LACK meaningful tools for managing. In fact, it's not even adequate for mail operations. It's designed to be barebone, hides problems, simplify UI and procedure. Must use a competent desktop application (not consumer style app) to actually manage things, even if you have no interest in operating your email account on a desktop.

For a quick reference chart on how much you can store, and different options, see: