Shoutcast Streaming Service Host:The original site is no longer maintained. Mach 4 is no longer in the business of hosting Streaming Services. The Internet has matured, with numerous well-funded "real" providers. What was cutting-edge and revolutionary, is now commoditized and mundane.

We were the original* (2001-2006?) streaming provider of WBSU FM 89.1 The Point @ SUNY College at Brockport, during the pioneering years, when most people weren't even aware of Webcast, or Internet Radio.

Fun facts:
That was a brief but exciting era!

Oh, also... RIP, Dave G. I'm now reminded of your VERY early days DJing... during/before the Brown years, way before my time.

Hi Koz! Hi Jenny! Fond memories. Oh, Greg the drummer, you were there too!

Greetings to the whole Public Safety/UPD gang, as well.

Sam C. Chan,  Autumn 2019

*perhaps "early" or "second" would be more accurate. Come to think about it... they might already had a pilot project before, and probably stopped due to funding (was very costly then).  Memory gets fuzzy after 2 decades. Amazing how a nagging doubt pops into my mind, within the space of whipping up this blurb.