Mach-4 Network
Terms of Service (TOS)

(All terms and conditions outlined here are concise, no-nonsense version of common industry standards)

Use of Mach-4 service constitutes acceptance of our TOS and Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

DATE: _____________________________

THIS AGREEMENT is made and entered between Mach-4 Network, a div. of Bravo Technology Center located at  8314 Ridge Road West, Brockport, NY 14420, hereafter referred to as Mach-4,

and  _____________________________________________________________________________ hereafter referred to as YOU.

The parties agree as follow:

PAYMENTS: Setup fees and domain name registration fees are payable at sign up and are non-refundable. Monthly hosting fees less than $25/month are billed quarterly in advance. Prepayment Discounts applied to 6-month and 1-yr advance payment. Service is billed in full-month increments.  Rates, Fees and Discounts are published on Rates page online.

BILLING: YOU will receive electronic invoice only. YOU are responsible for checking your email regularly and informing us of email changes.

SUSPENSION: Grace period for default account is 7 days. Past due accounts are subject to suspension. A fee of $50 is required for re-activation. Mach-4 may suspend service immediately with written notice to follow.

TRIAL PERIOD: YOU may terminate the contract within the 14-day trial and have all hosting fees refunded, if the service is not satisfactory as judged by YOU. At your request, service will be re-established at the Original Provider prior to switching. YOU will be responsible for the regular expenses at the original provider, while Mach-4 will provide all the labor for switching back.

TERMINATION: Mach-4 may terminate the contract with a minimum of 30-day notice. YOU may terminate the contract with a minimum of 7-day notice. In the event of early cancellation, a prorated refund will be issued for unused months, after a $25 fee is deducted. Any  prepayment discounts issued will be reverted.

EXCLUSIONS: Mach-4 is only responsible for the server side setup. We keep the host up and running, provide YOU with the space as agreed and maintain a communications link to the Internet backbone. Any client side setup, customization, configuration, troubleshooting, clarification and tutorial beyond the disclosure of technical specifications is NOT covered. Such services are available at standard consulting rates.

OVERAGE: To avoid costly surprises to you, we disallow additional usage upon exceeding of space or traffic quotas, instead of allowing it and billing at overage rate. Please adjust your usage accordingly, or contact us to upgrade your plan.

CONDUCTS: YOU agree to never engage in any unlawful activities (including pornography and sending bulk unsolicited email) while using our services. In the event of violation, YOU agree to reimburse Mach-4 for all legal expenses incurred, plus a fee of $500. More detailed descriptions are listed in our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

CGI: All CGI programs must be pre-approved prior to installation. Absolutely no emailing programs allowed. CGI programs installed on host are subject to regular inspections.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Mach-4 will not disclose to any party any information regarding the content stored in our hosting space, except when demanded by law enforcement with court order.

WARRANTIES: Mach-4 makes no warranties, expressed or implied regarding the service level and performance. Service Level Agreement (SLA) with specific Quality of Service (QoS) metric are currently not available through Mach-4. Mach-4 shall not be liable to YOU for any claims, damages or loss of profit direct or indirect arising out of the Services provided, including, but not limited to, losses or damages resulting from the loss of data as the result of delays, non-deliveries, or service interruptions. 

AMENDMENT: Mach-4 reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this Agreement, upon posting announcement online and/or email notification to YOU. Any changes in service fees would become effective only at the end of the period for which YOU have prepaid. Utilization of the Service by YOU past the effective date shall constitute acceptance of such change(s). YOU are solely responsible for staying informed with respect to changes in this Agreement and the Acceptable Use Policy document posted online.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto, agree to all the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

Mach-4 Network                                                YOU