<Mach 4 Vault & Archiving  M4 is a div. of Bravotech, since 1997
Not intended as primary daily/hourly backup service. Rather, it's part of the overall scheme & strategy, in a valid disaster recovery/business continuance plan.
Last updated: November 5, 2019

THINK: custodianship, data residency, international jurisdiction
Niche provider for your USE CASE; not competitor to commercial offerings
Separate from, and complimentary to Hosted Email Archiving services

Monthly Fee* billed annually in advance
Versioning \ Size** 2G 4G 10G 25G 50G 100G
monthly $2 $3 $4 $5 $7.5 $10
weekly $4 $6 $8 $10 $15 $20
daily $6 $9 $12 N/A
Backup Retention Period (6-month standard)***
1-year upgrade +50%
2-year upgrade +100%
1-time mirrored archive 5-year retention
no scheduling
$24 $36 $48 $60 $90 $120
Optional: physical media restore****
*Fees cover backup storage plan (excl. work). 
Standard IT rates apply:
consulting, coding/scripting, implementation, troubleshooting, manual execution, restore, etc.

** Size refers to coverage of ori. data, not of resultant archive (compressed)

***standard rotation w/ 6-month retention unaffected by 1-time archives
1-time archive stored at redundant sites (incl. @BTC), fee is per time per site.

****rapid response available: same/next day ship-out/pick-up, rush fees applied &
 req. prior arrangement

Example: You pay $24/yr for 2 gigabyte space per-instance, with 12x backups accepted, with 6-month retention guaranteed. Restore beyond that period might be feasible, with additional fees.T

Terms & Conditions Off-site Strategies & Options (aka "cloud backup")
  1. Consumer online backup service (rigid & limited, no help)
  2. Corporate online backup service (extremely costly)
  3. M4 (full control, minimize custodianship, non-indexed, decentralized, flexible)
  4. setup owner's home (bandwidth, reliability, isolation, breach) as destination
  5. frequent physical media swap off-site (cost of media, efforts, dependability)
Why host cloud drive & backup with Mach 4?
Why use major commercial services